Northwestern State University

Recycling Program

August 2009


"Your participation is key to the success of the program"


1.      Campus personnel will be requested through their department head to participate by placing a blue desk-side recycling container in their office to collect recycled materials. (Container to be supplied)

Note: Recyclables include: Paper, Plastic Drink Bottles, Aluminum Cans & Cardboard

2.      NSU will place blue recycling bins in central locations within each building.

3.      Campus personnel will empty contents of their desk-side recycling containers into centrally located recycling bins in their building. (Buildings with elevators will have containers on each floor)

4.      Red River personnel will transport recycling bins to holding areas outside building Tuesday for pickup.   

5.      On Wednesday, Ward’s Waste Service will remove all recycled materials.

6.      Depending upon demand, recycling services may be extended to more than one day per week.

7.      Student Organizations will be encouraged to participate in the campus-wide recycling initiative.

8.      Six (6) additional outdoor recycling bins will be located adjacent to the: 

a.       Friedman Student Union-East Side

b.      St. Denis Hall

c.       Warehouse/Central Receiving

d.      Russell Hall

e.       Kyser Hall