The information below describes contract services available from Red River Sanitors. 

Services for event support has been reduced along with custodial support. Refer to the rate sheet on the service schedule. Event coordinators shall budget funds to support their event and generate a Purchase Order to fund services. Event supplies may also be additional cost for your event. The moving crew has been reduced and will be limited to only support major campus events. In many cases, departmental staff will be required to make small (non-property) moves on their own.

Request for services shall be directed to Red River Sanitors at  9-1-866-832-5326








I.                   Work to be performed on scheduled day of service:

A.                 Class Rooms, Public Areas,  Offices:

01.              Empty all trash receptacles in designated areas.  

02.              Dust mop all floors.

03.              Spot mop floors for all spills.

04.              Clean glass entrance doors.

05.              Clean, polish and disinfect all drinking fountains.

06.              Vacuum traffic lanes in carpeted areas.

07.              Spot clean interior glass partitions.


B.                 MONTHLY:

01.              Dust mini-blinds.

02.              Dust air vents and return vents.

03.              Remove cobwebs from corners and edges.


II.                RESTROOMS:

01.              All floors will be soap-mopped, rinsed and disinfected.

02.              All commodes, urinals and basins will be scoured and disinfected.

03.              All mirrors will be washed and dry polished.

04.              All bright metal work will be cleaned and dry polished.

05.              All tile walls and/or wainscot will be spotted and washed as needed.

06.              All expendable restroom supplies will be placed in the proper dispensers from  NSU’s supply.

A.                 MONTHLY:

01.              Dust air vents and return vents.

02.              Remove cobwebs from corners and edges.


III.             MOVES AND SETUPS:

01.              Moves and Setups: There is limited staff, therefore event requests or other moves should be scheduled two weeks in advance for assistance. 



01.              Campus personnel shall place recycled materials in centralized blue rolling container in each building. Those buildings with elevators will have a container on each floor. 

02.              RRS will roll the recycle totes to the designated storage area outside on Tuesday and put back in place when emptied.